From left: James Brown, Michael Chambers, John Ballantyne

Alde­vron founders back a biotech start­up that's look­ing to end the moral de­bate over cell lines once and for all

For mil­lions of Catholics around the world, the de­vel­op­ment of new vac­cines to com­bat Covid-19 has sparked a moral dilem­ma. All the ap­proved vac­cines in use re­lied — in some fash­ion — on cell lines that were de­rived from abort­ed fe­tal tis­sue.

While church lead­ers ac­cept­ed the vac­cines and rec­om­mend­ed their use to end the pan­dem­ic, a num­ber al­so high­light­ed their pref­er­ence for the mR­NA vac­cines from Pfiz­er/BioN­Tech and Mod­er­na over the J&J and As­traZeneca shots, which they not­ed were more heav­i­ly de­pen­dent on cell lines that they found moral­ly ob­jec­tion­able.

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