As Shkreli attorney Greebel heads to his own prison cell, the bad boy of biotech is still skewering enemies in new blog

Late last week Evan Greebel was sentenced to 18 months in prison for his role in Martin Shkreli’s scheme to defraud investors. And he’s being forced to pay more than $10 million in restitution to Retrophin, a biotech Shkreli had founded which federal prosecutors would go on to allege was turned into Shkreli’s own personal piggybank as he sought to pump up the stock and repay those same investors he was convicted of lying to.

“I will regret every day of my life the day I met Martin Shkreli,” Greebel told the court, according to the Wall Street Journal. And he’ll have lots of time to think on that connection.

Shkreli, now serving a 7-year sentence for fraud at the low-security federal correctional institute at Fort Dix, will have to spend much more time behind bars. But he’s already found an outlet for entertaining a much larger audience than he can find in prison.

Shkreli’s been posting a regular blog piece at, and it’s given the “most hated man in America” with the notorious smirk a forum while offering people a chance to take their own shots back — or offer up some cheers from the distant sidelines of the penitentiary system.

This is a much tamer Shkreli than the bad boy of biotech who was repeatedly booted from Twitter for stalking a female journalist with creepy messages, or who once got a kick out of sending me an obscenity-laced rap song and added email warnings about my “loss-of-function mutation – do not reproduce” and other perceived shortcomings.

In order to avoid riling prison authorities, who control these things, Shkreli is offering up a steady stream of toned down segments ranging from investment advice, both long and short, to his list of favorite business books, the occasional jibe at Hillary Clinton — “untrustworthy parasite” — and instructions for sending him mail.

He still enjoys targeting people, aside from Clinton, but the language is significantly less provocative. One example:

Sarah Jeong joining the New York Times is a disgrace.

And there’s lots of time to read at Fort Dix, with no shortage of reading materials.

I’ve received around 500 books by mail since I entered the prison system. There is a Twilight Zone episode, “Time Enough At Last” (I think that’s what it is called!), that summarizes my feelings on having a lot of time to read. It’s a joy, but I don’t exactly have the shelf space. I probably have around 50 books here at Fort Dix.

Shkreli has about 6 more years of blog posts coming, if he serves the full time. That should be about 300 or so more blog posts. It’s unlikely he’ll tire of it.

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