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How trial innovation in Australia is getting therapies to patients sooner

You might have heard Australia is a great place for phase I. No IND requirement to begin phase I trials is driving a growing number of companies to run their early phase trials in Australia. With start-up times 3-6 months quicker than in the US and a favourable currency exchange, trials can be 20% cheaper. As a bonus, companies with annual revenues less than AUD$20M, can receive a 40+% R&D incentive rebate. This program returns cash which can make your final trial price less than half compared to US alternatives

Linear CEO Michael Winlo

But as Linear CEO Dr Michael Winlo argues, there are still ways to make early phase research even more efficient. “Cloud-based tools like eSource can streamline site processes and compress timeframes. We recently wrapped up a very complex, phase I healthy volunteer study in record time for a major Biopharma. The project required groups from around the world to work with trial data close to real-time and this was only possible because of our eSource system.” Dr Winlo added, “Companies taking advantage of our geography and embracing our technology will be able to take promising new therapies to their patients sooner.”

Innovation is central to Linear’s strategy and culture. This means being early adopters of technology (first site in Australia to use eSource) but also in delivering new services for patients (first site outside NSW to participate in the Australian Cancer Genomic Medicine Program). As an award winning services business[1], Linear also recognises the importance of having great people. “The task of taking an experimental drug into humans for the first time is a very delicate, highly coordinated process that requires very conscientious staff, rigorous processes and extensive safety procedures,” states Dr Winlo.

Jayden Rogers
VP global partnering

Australia has seen strong growth in early phase clinical trials over the last five years. Initially driven by demand from the US. “At Linear we are seeing increased demand from the US but also from Asia, led by China and Japan” states Jayden Rogers — VP Global Partnering at Linear. “What’s really exciting is we are seeing a lot of novel and potentially first-in-class compounds coming out of the Asia-Pacific region. It is one of the reasons we have built a dedicated China customer success team.”

Linear Clinical Research is a private, not-for-profit trial team based in Perth, Western Australia. On the GMT+8 timezone, Perth is “time-aligned” with 24% of the world’s population. Perth is also rated as one of the most livable cities in the world being home to a world-class health system, medical research and great weather.

Perth also has a distinctly entrepreneurial spirit. This is evident in the work done by 2005 Nobel Prize winners Barry Marshall and Robin Warren as well as leading molecular genetic scientists, Steve Wilton and Sue Fletcher who pioneered exon skipping leading to the discovery of the first targeted therapy for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. “We think big, and once people experience Perth’s lifestyle they tend to settle, which is creating exciting collaborative networks to facilitate clinical trials and long-term follow up of patients and their families,” says Professor Peter Leedman, Director of the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research and Chairman of Linear Clinical Research.

No matter where in the world you are based, if you’re planning an early phase research project, we’d love to help. Please contact Linear’s Partnering and Clinical Solutions team at partner@linear.org.au or download our whitepaper here.

Linear Team Photo

Linear Recruitment Team

[1]Linear was winner of the 2017 National Export Award for Business Services excellence.

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