Sharon Mates, Intra-Cellular Therapies CEO

In­tra-Cel­lu­lar Ther­a­pies gets a boost on PhI­II de­pres­sion drug da­ta

Biotech In­tra-Cel­lu­lar Ther­a­pies tout­ing new da­ta Tues­day for its drug de­signed to treat ma­jor de­pres­sive dis­or­der.

The biotech shared re­sults from its Study 403 in­ves­ti­gat­ing lu­mate­per­one, or Caply­ta, as a monother­a­py to treat ma­jor de­pres­sive episodes. The study looked at ma­jor de­pres­sive dis­or­der (MDD) and bipo­lar de­pres­sion with “mixed fea­tures.” The tri­al had three pop­u­la­tions: par­tic­i­pants with both MDD and bipo­lar de­pres­sion, pa­tients with on­ly MDD and pa­tients with on­ly bipo­lar de­pres­sion.

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