PureTech launches an I/O startup inspired by NYU’s George Miller; SV adopts a new name

→ PureTech is launching a new biotech, this time focusing on the immuno-oncology work done by NYU’s George Miller. It’s named Nybo Therapeutics, and like a lot of PureTech upstarts, the announcement is long on reputations/names and short on terms, for now. “Most solid, malignant tumors establish an immunosuppressive environment to ward off the body’s natural defenses. Dr. Miller’s work in pancreatic ductal carcinoma has revealed that inflammatory processes drive the immunosuppression through certain gamma delta T cells and macrophages,” said Joseph Bolen, Chief Scientific Officer of PureTech Health. “Our novel approach builds on this finding and selectively disrupts the immunosuppression to potentially have a therapeutic effect on cancer.”

→ Just a few days after partnering with Finch Therapeutics on microbiome research, Takeda has inked another GI pact with NuBiyota. The partners did not spell out the terms. “We are excited to partner with NuBiyota as this collaboration reinforces Takeda’s long-term commitment to unmet medical need in gastroenterology and adds to our other microbiome-related partnerships,” said Asit Parikh, head of Takeda’s gastroenterology therapeutic area unit. “Through these partnerships, we are exploring both microbial consortia and microbiome derived bioactives to investigate how the microbiome can be harnessed for treatment of GI diseases.”

→ SV Life Sciences, a big player in biotech, has changed its name to SV Health Investors to better reflect its overall mission.

→ The UK’s Mission Therapeutics has landed a grant from the Michael J. Fox Foundation to test its USP30-targeted inhibitors.

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