Top 10 pipeline blowups, setbacks and snafus in H2 2016

2016 has to rank as one of the most disastrous years in recent drug R&D history. We’ve been treated to everything from a repeat Phase III debacle for Eli Lilly in Alzheimer’s to back-to-back clinical holds on a CAR-T drug that kills patients from Juno. We’ve seen stellar organizations like Bristol-Myers’ R&D team overstep while Gilead went from doing no wrong to doing no right.

And that was just what we saw in the last few months.

These weren’t just the normal failures you can expect in any business as high risk as biopharma R&D. There’s bad judgment and sometimes evasiveness in the face of embarrassing disasters.

Add in my look at the top 10 snafus for H1, a series of biotech disasters for companies like Seres, Ophthotech and many others, and the completed picture looks like a nightmare scenario for any investigator in the business. It’s no coincidence that we also saw ROIs in R&D continue to slide while new approvals plunged this year.

Lets hope next year, with blockbuster hopefuls in gene therapy, cancer, MS and more, can help overcome the picture of ineptitude that has dominated 2016. It can’t get much worse.

Continue reading for details and analysis on H2 2016's biggest pipeline snafus.

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