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The Fort Dix redemption: Martin Shkreli’s contraband cell phones, new biotech schemes and fresh social media infamy

Martin Shkreli is not your average occupant of a federal prison cell.

He uses a contraband cell phone to manage his business, the same one that made him notorious as a price gouger who gamed the pharma system by buying an old, cheap drug and jacking up the price at an astronomical rate.

He whiles away his time reading about drugs and drug development, according to an amazingly in-depth feature from the Wall Street Journal, which gets right down to naming some close friends who help protect him in the yard of the low-security Fort Dix pen. And there’s free time to maintain a blog, jump on to Twitter and ridicule various people, which was always his favorite hobby. 

Or at least he did. Banned from Twitter long ago and in multiple other cases using various handles,@SRiole has gone dark. Twitter initially kicked him off after a weird stalking incident involving a female reporter, and appears eager to keep him off in a game of whack-a-mole now that he’s serving a 7 year sentence.

Shkreli, who is not stupid even though he often does stupid things, knows what this kind of press can mean for the rest of his time behind bars, at least in terms of cell phones — which he used to fire his CEO and then un-fire him, according to the Journal article. 

But don’t look for him to appear panicked. His latest blog post on Thursday is a 3-line profile of street smug — from someone who’s been taken off the street. 

Who talked to the Jake….

In this Wall Street Journal article, who do you think is trying to get Your Boy in trouble? Name them in the comments below who you think did it.

The Jake, by the way, is the cops, as popularized by the Wu Tang Clan, who once did a private album pre-prison Shkreli purchased for $2 million.

Martin “Pharma Bro” Shkreli may have become infamous through his price gouging, but it was financial fraud at his busted hedge funds that landed him in prison with a 7-year sentence. And he’s determined to make billions behind bars through the legal, old-fashioned way: buying and selling rare disease therapies.

Of course, the FBI probe cited by the Journal could also spell trouble on that front.

Image: Martin Shkreli. AP IMAGES

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