What’s on Sanofi’s M&A list now that Medi­va­tion is gone? Cat­a­lyst gets an SPA; Adap­ti­m­mune part­ners with Mer­ck

As we’ve said be­fore at End­points News, this has been a rough year for Sanofi $SNY. Now that Medi­va­tion has slipped through its fin­gers, falling to Pfiz­er, CEO Olivi­er Brandi­court has had to an­swer fresh ques­tions about its M&A strat­e­gy. What will be their next tar­get? The an­swer — in their Q3 call — was can­cer, im­munol­o­gy and rare dis­eases. Says the CEO: “When it comes to what is go­ing to be our in­ter­est in the fu­ture, on­col­o­gy is still part of it, if we are find­ing po­ten­tial tar­gets which make sense strate­gi­cal­ly and eco­nom­i­cal­ly. But we are open­ing our M&A strat­e­gy to what we said last year, which is a seg­ment where we con­sid­er that we have es­tab­lished, al­ready, some good pres­ence, but we need to strength­en that pres­ence by in­or­gan­ic growth. And so, we men­tioned sev­er­al things last year. We men­tioned im­munol­o­gy, we men­tioned MS. Even in the first mar­ket, if you think about it, we are in ge­net­ic rare dis­eases, so rare dis­ease can be al­so an area.”

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