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The biopharma world is here. Endpoints News (@endpts) is an independent news organization, reporting and analyzing the top global biotech and pharmaceutical R&D news of the day.

We produce a comprehensive daily report on biotech business deals, buyouts and corporate reorganizations to FDA actions and the latest clinical data on some of the world’s most closely watched drugs. And in this organization, the editors have complete authority to call the news as they see it.


John Carroll

John D. Carroll is a biotech analyst and writer with decades of prize-winning experience in journalism. A co-founder of Endpoints News, he has covered biopharma for the past 15 years. Aside from his daily industry coverage for FierceBiotech, where he was named editor in 2003, leaving in 2016, Carroll has been a regular speaker at biotech events around the globe. He’s been quoted by The New York Times, The New Yorker, Financial Times, The Times of London and more. He’s also keynoted at biotech gatherings around the world and addressed student audiences at MIT and Harvard. Carroll has contributed stories from Central America and Ireland to the Dallas Morning News and Time and wrote for the Houston Press. He spent 6 years as editor and publisher of the Dallas Business Journal, was publisher of Texas Business and early in his career was part of a Pulitzer Prize-winning team of reporters and editors at the Kansas City Star & Times.

Amber Tong

Amber Tong
Assistant Editor

Amber Tong is an assistant editor at Endpoints, where she copy edits, researches and writes news reports while keeping an eye on the graphics that go with them. Her beats vary daily but they include CRO, CMO and drug development in China — the last of which, as a Hong Kong native, she is particularly excited about. A graduate of Rice University, she comes to Endpoints by way of Houstonia Magazine, Governing Magazine and The Chautauquan Daily. A hoarder, she is slowly building a postcard collection. Amber is based in the UK.

Shehla Shakoor

Shehla Shakoor

Shehla has been at Endpoints since its inception, forming the first systems and processes during the startup stage. In the early days, she contributed protocol items, oversaw the growth of the Marco twitter-bot, established early editorial processes alongside handling sales, accounting and operations. As the company grew, she moved to lead the operations group, including subscriptions, events, and traffic. Now she manages marketing and product development while maintaining a roster of clients. In her free time, you will find Shehla reading all kinds of other news besides biotech and running after her rambunctious toddler while the mild-mannered 8-year-old looks on.

Lirra Selibio

Lirra Selibio

Lirra Selibio handles various subscription-related inquiries and support for Endpoints News. Born in the Philippines, she enjoys the sun, the great outdoors and spending time with her pug named Lulu.

Mike Peck
VP Partnerships

A graduate of the University of Scranton, Mike has held senior management positions at The New York Times and Forbes Media. Mike lives in Somers, New York with his wife Liz, Mason (9), Maddy (5) and Owen (3). Hobbies include mowing the lawn, raking the leaves and shoveling the snow. Somebody has to do it. Carpe Diem!

Tom Kowalsky
Careers Partner

Tom handles all things Endpoints Careers, as well as being on the sponsorship and the subscriptions teams. Originally from Central New Jersey (yes it exists), Tom is a recent graduate from the University of Maryland, majoring in Economics with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. While in college, He started and ran his own construction company that grossed $250,000 in just over 13 months. In his free time, he likes to teach his puppy tricks, as well as watch the Oakland Raiders and the New York Yankees.

Anjelica Carroll

Anjelica Carroll is the events coordinator at Endpoints News. She handles our growing, global events business — finding venues, contracting with suppliers and lining up the audience as well as expert panel members for our many dialogues at locations the world over. She’s spearheaded new operations in London, set up events in San Francisco, Boston and Shanghai and is working on breaking into new territory in 2019. In her spare time Anjelica is an artist, songwriter and singer. By way of small-town Texas and Southern Vermont, Anjelica is based in rural Ohio where she bikes, reads and works.

Catherine Crossman

Catherine Crossman
Operations Coordinator

Catherine Crossman coordinates Endpoints News’ feature edition newsletter, handles ad-client relations, and runs operations from our base in Lawrence, KS. She earned her BA in International Relations and has worked in a variety of fields from university admissions to disaster relief, GIS/Data analysis, film production, and HR/recruitment. As an avid traveler, she’s been to almost every state and several countries such as China, Japan, S. Korea, New Zealand, Fiji, and the Caribbean. In her free time, she loves to swim, watch movies, travel, research and learn about science and tech, and make a difference in animal welfare, human rights, politics, and environmental causes. Quote, “It doesn’t hurt to know a little bit of everything in the world.”

Valentin Manov

Valentin Manov
Creative Director

Valentin is a dynamic and multi-disciplined creative director and senior graphic designer with a passion for creating innovative design solutions. He has over 10 years of experience as a freelancer providing various design and visual consultancy services to clients across the globe, such as Oracle, AMT & PepsiCo. Valentin has a sharp eye for detail and strives to produce designs that are memorable, meaningful and stand out.

Igor Yavych

Igor Yavych
Lead Developer

Igor is a web developer who leads the full stack development of all Endpoints technologies. A true citizen of the world, he’s been developing Endpoints from his travels to the Philippines, Vietnam, and Ukraine, where he is based. He passionately believes in a free and open internet and has helped translate the Declaration of Internet freedom into Ukrainian.

Dawn Cleveland

Dawn Cleveland

Dawn is a tax and financial professional with an Enrolled Agent designation under the IRS and a passion for all things involving numbers. She has an eye to improving efficiency, clarity, and accountability in all financial transactions and thrives on analysis of business practices to find ways that ensure money is being spent in a way that furthers the business. In her spare time, she is the #1 fan of her three soccer-playing boys, loves running, camping, and hiking in her local Blue Ridge Mountains, and enjoys the freedom to work remotely from anywhere she can find an internet connection.

Arsalan Arif

Arsalan Arif is a journalism entrepreneur who set out in 2015 to build his vision of an independent biotech news company at Endpoints News. The former publisher of FierceMarkets’ life sciences division, he grew FierceBiotech from a small email news aggregator into a reliably profitable multimillion-dollar franchise, with a global team of editors and sales executives. Now he’s bringing some fresh ideas tempered with old-school know-how to work at Endpoints. Arsalan’s primary responsibilities at Endpoints are finance, talent recruitment, and technology development — in that order. His journalism duties include daily stewardship of the Early Edition email and covering the biopharma cybersecurity beat. The son of immigrant entrepreneurs, he received his business education by watching his parents run brick-and-mortar stores in Kansas. Arsalan was born and raised in the aviation capital of the world, Wichita, and has been a private pilot for 18 years. After spending most of his adult life in Washington, DC, he recently moved to Lawrence, Kansas, with his family. He’s on Twitter as @AKAarsalan.


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