Endpoints News editorial standards

Endpoints News is a part of the Financial Times’ (FT) FT Specialist unit, and complies with the FT editorial code of conduct. At the heart of that code are the values of independence, fairness, the avoidance of conflict of interest, and a commitment to accuracy.

Compliance with the code is required for all newsroom staff and contractors, and a copy of the code is available here.

If you believe a story contains an inaccuracy or is unfair, you should contact the reporter or editor involved directly. You can find a list of our staff and how to contact them here. If for some reason you’re unable to reach them, you can write to us at corrections@endpointsnews.com, which will reach a member of our editorial leadership.

When a complaint can’t be resolved through the regular channels above, the FT’s complaints commissioner may review the situation and suggest a course of action. More information about the commissioner’s role can be found on the FT’s Editorial Code website here.