From left to right: Mark Springel, Kristina Wang, Lin Ao, Soufiane Aboulhouda

George Church, his stu­dents, and top VCs go na­tion­wide with a biotech train­ing camp

One night last fall, Floris En­gel­hardt sat down in her Boston apart­ment and logged on­to a Zoom call, armed with a com­ic and a vague idea about start­ing a biotech.

En­gel­hardt was join­ing a stu­dent-run “match night.” A post­doc at MIT’s Bathe Bio­NanoLab, where re­searchers use DNA and RNA like Lego blocks for nanome­ter-sized struc­tures, En­gel­hardt want­ed to find re­al-world ap­pli­ca­tions for her work. She sketched out — lit­er­al­ly — a plan to use DNA origa­mi, a decade-old tech­nique for pre­cise­ly fold­ing DNA, to make ther­a­pies.

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