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Hiring? How Endpoints can help your company fill open positions with our talented readers

We’ve just launched Endpoints Careers, our new product connecting employers and jobseekers. The competition for biopharma talent is fierce, and given the unique place Endpoints News has in the industry, we think our approach has a few key advantages that make this a compelling offer and not just another “job board.”

The first reason is that we’re anchoring it to Enterprise, our $1,000/year paid subscription plan for companies of all sizes. You can think of Enterprise as the “complete” version of Endpoints News. No matter how large or small the company is, that one price unlocks paywall content for every employee. No seat licenses or volume pricing. We want to make this program an easy decision at every company with an interest in the biopharma world. Several hundred have already joined Enterprise, and now with Endpoints Careers, we want to make it even more beneficial to join.

Starting today, we’re introducing a new benefit for Enterprise subscribers: Two Featured Job Listings per year on Endpoints Careers — an $800 value. If you’re a hiring manager at a company with a valid Enterprise subscription, you have two featured job postings waiting for you to redeem — just contact Tom Kowalsky on our team to get started. And once you do, the listings will be distributed across the entire Endpoints network: email, web, and social. Again: we’re selling the same package for $800 for companies who aren’t part of the Enterprise program.

The other key advantage on Endpoints Careers is our focus on quality, not quantity.

Most “job boards” begin with thousands of job listings pre-filled, in an attempt to look busy and gain web traffic. We take the opposite view. We only want recent jobs with the highest relevance to our audience base. And given the big traffic numbers to Endpoints News and our related distribution channels, we’re able to advertise these positions in a very effective way: Job seekers are assured of seeing only the highest quality listings from employers, while employers get wide air coverage for their open positions within the elite Endpoints readership.

We designed it this way. Biopharma tends to be an insular crowd with an especially big premium placed on referrals from inside a network — which is no surprise in an industry that is as heavily regulated and science-based as this one is. Institutional knowledge is held by people, not in company clouds or lab notes. And the network effects gained from recruiting the right kind of experienced talent who know the right people are too valuable to be measured in dollars. This won’t ever change. It’s a story we chronicle in Endpoints about every company with ambition, time and time again.

But referrals do have their limits. Was the job opportunity exposed to the most diverse talent pool possible? How does a founding team of a few familiar faces recruit a workforce that can bring fresh ideas and approaches?

Basically: Did we cast a wide enough net?

Endpoints Careers is here to help solve this issue: advertising biopharma opportunities within an elite network, and doing so on a scale that exposes it to the broadest audience possible.

We think that’s a compelling offer that continues to differentiate Endpoints and how we serve our readers. Endpoints Careers will only continue to grow throughout the year as we integrate it with our weekly Peer Review column. If you have any questions or want to get started with Endpoints Careers, we’ve brought Tom tom@endpointsnews.comon board as a dedicated client manager to help, and you can always contact me directly as well. So please check out Endpoints Careers — we’re very excited to bring it to you.

– Arsalan Arif
Founder & CEO, Endpoints News

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