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How your company can fund the work at Endpoints News — and give your employees complete access to our content

Over the summer we launched a product — Enterprise — that is essential to the future of Endpoints News. Corporate customers can now directly support our future development through paid subscriptions, and get a list of extra benefits and content. We’re off to a strong start and September is a critical month. If you’d like to support the work, please consider doing so today. (We also have a product for individuals called Insider, which you can read about here and will be the focus of a post next week.)

The news is this: We want to hit our subscription revenue goals now so we can expand the team, bringing you even better reporting sooner rather than later.  It’s just $1,000/year for your entire company no matter the size — and you can see one of the benefits below. Every employee who subscribes to Endpoints News will begin to see this new special email header that demonstrates your company’s support.

Special header employees would see with an Enterprise subscription

This isn’t a plea for donations. With a paid subscription, we’re providing you value (more on that below) and in exchange we’re charging a price.

To do independent journalism rooted in the style John and I have set out since we launched — 15 months, 2,000 articles and 300 daily newsletters ago — here’s one absolute truth: Readers must directly support the business model.

Here is how we look at the news business. We divide the audience into visitors, subscribers, and insiders. It’s very much an inverted pyramid as you can see below. And we’d like you to give your employees access to the tip of it.

Give your employees full access to endpoints news

Let’s say your company has 2,000 employees. Perhaps 500 of them visit our website and 50 of them are free email subscribers. For just $1,000/year, you can instantly upgrade all 50 to Enterprise — and then as long as your subscription is current, we’ll automatically flag all new email subscribers from your corporate domain and grant them full access to your firm’s Enterprise license.

All of your employees who subscribe to Endpoints News will see the special header in their newsletter, reminding them of your company’s support of independent journalism. We’ll send them John Carroll’s weekly column which is exclusive to paid subscribers only. And there’s more. Your employees also get:

  • Print-to-PDF: The PDF button above all our news articles will now work.
  • Cut-and-paste rights: Share our work legally in full, without the URL, internally or with partners, in any digital medium. A huge library of news content at their fingertips. Without a subscription, just a fair-use, limited amount is permissible.
  • Reprint rights: Go ahead and print our material for business use, they’d have our full permission.

Coming later this fall:

  • Branded corporate subscription pages: Want a seamless way to get your employees who don’t have a current email subscription to sign up for Endpoints News? Soon you’ll have the option of having a secure, branded page to make the entire on-boarding process even faster.


This is the minimum level of support we ask of readers. It’s free. Subscribers have access to all email newsletters, enjoying one-click access to special reports like The Top 100 VCs in Biotech, Biggest Biopharma R&D Spenders, Top 10 Biopharma CROs, and long reads like Alzheimers: Learning from a Legacy of Bitter Setbacks. This is all supported by advertising and sponsorships from top companies that are clearly identified and that we have a direct business relationship with.

We have 19,000 email subscribers today and nearly half of them open and read our emails on any given day — 95% of our subscribers open our newsletters at least once a month.


If someone reads news on our website but doesn’t register their email address with us, then we consider them a visitor. We welcome visitors and don’t plan yet to meter the number of articles they can see before registering.

If they work in or around drug development, we’d like to ‘upsell’ them into becoming a subscriber. An email address is all we ask in return.

Of course, we think quality news ought to be open-access and easily discoverable. Just 15 months from our launch, we’re pleased with the large visitor count sitting atop our audience funnel. And let me be clear — we have no incentive to chase even bigger numbers with tricks from the content marketing trade. Here is why: we don’t sell any space to Google or other third party networks that follow you across the web, tracking your habits.

Serving you irrelevant ads that know too much? No, that’s money we choose to leave on the table. What makes Endpoints News different is that we’ll never squeeze our pages that hard for so little juice.

In August we counted 161,313 active users in our audience, coming from 336,145 visits.

Now is the time to support the work

The next few weeks in September will make or break the plans John and I have set out for the rest of the year and 2018. To the many amazing companies and individuals who’ve already signed up, thank you — what we do isn’t possible without you.

If you’ve been thinking about it but have put it off, we totally get it. But we need your help this month if we’re to hit the lofty totals that’ll allow us to hire a top-class team and build new products while maintaining our independence.

Get Endpoints Enterprise

We’ve designed a really easy form that takes a couple minutes to fill out, and requires a credit card payment at the end. Within 24 hours, usually much sooner, you’ll get an email with a full PDF license. You can see the entire terms and conditions here. All of your employees can start enjoying the benefits of a subscription immediately.

Need help? Now many companies have complicated billing processes and protocols. You can chat with our team during business hours via our upgrade page or Reader Center should you require special assistance. To sign in, you can use a traditional password or click a secure “magic link” that we send to your email on file with us. You can also send an email to

We require a credit card payment but in limited circumstances can invoice your company if there is no alternative.

To begin your company’s paid subscription, click on the button below.

Get Endpoints Enterprise

Once again, September is a crucial month for this company. You can directly support our future development, so we can build on the track we’ve laid so far. We’ll have more posts over the month on our programs but we need your support today. Thanks for being part of the Endpoints News community.

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