#JPM22: The fire­side chat with Take­da CEO Christophe We­ber

John Car­roll:

Okay every­body. This is John Car­roll. I am back with Christophe We­ber, the CEO of Take­da. We had a chance to talk I think about a year ago, about the com­pa­ny and every­thing. In a lot of dif­fer­ent re­spects Christophe, this is kind of a key in­flec­tion point, I think for Take­da in terms of where you are at right now. You got the CEO job. You were charged with chang­ing the cul­ture, rather dra­mat­i­cal­ly, and chang­ing the di­rec­tion and fo­cus­ing in on R&D. And you have been I think, very fo­cused on R&D, very fo­cused on in­no­va­tion. To­wards the lat­ter part of last year, you had a cou­ple of key drug ap­provals. I don’t know if I can pro­nounce this prop­er­ly. One was Exkiv­i­ty and the oth­er was Liv­tenci­ty, which sound like cousins. I don’t know where you guys come up with these names. It sounds like they’re beamed in. Where do these names come from?

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