An­oth­er win for Novo's semaglu­tide? Physi­cians pre­fer it most in the emerg­ing field of NASH treat­ments, sur­vey finds

As fat­ty liv­er dis­ease gets a new name, will it al­so fi­nal­ly get ap­proved drug treat­ments?

That’s what health­care pro­fes­sion­als are hop­ing for as non­al­co­holic fat­ty liv­er dis­ease (NAFLD) be­comes meta­bol­ic dys­func­tion-as­so­ci­at­ed steatot­ic liv­er dis­ease (MASLD), and non­al­co­holic steato­hep­ati­tis (NASH) be­comes meta­bol­ic dys­func­tion-as­so­ci­at­ed steato­hep­ati­tis (MASH). The name changes, aimed at get­ting rid of stig­ma­tiz­ing lan­guage like “fat­ty liv­er,” are set to be ful­ly rolled out lat­er this year.

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