Ten years lat­er, Lil­ly's long-term Alzheimer's tri­al of solanezum­ab has de­fin­i­tive­ly failed

A tri­al of Eli Lil­ly’s Alzheimer’s drug solanezum­ab that be­gan in 2013 didn’t show any ben­e­fit in pa­tients, who were fol­lowed for a decade to try and an­swer whether the amy­loid-tar­get­ing drug might slow the dis­ease.

Lil­ly’s study en­rolled about 1,100 pa­tients ages 65 to 85 who had yet to show signs of clin­i­cal im­pair­ment but who had brain imag­ing scans show­ing amy­loid plaque ac­cu­mu­la­tion, an ear­ly di­ag­nos­tic sig­nal of Alzheimer’s. Pa­tients got the drug for four and a half years and were fol­lowed for the rest of the study — far longer than the year or two that’s more com­mon for such tri­als.

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