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The business model of Endpoints News — and why you should subscribe

Pisa, Italy – 2008

From the publisher

Our business model is expanding today. In short: you can keep reading us for free, but we’re adding new benefits with paid subscriptions, and not taking any content away. We remain committed to accessible journalism.  But we plan on growing the group at Endpoints, and we’d like your support for that. So we’re asking readers — both companies and individuals — to purchase one of two new subscription products.

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Insider $200/yr

Benefits No email ads, print to PDF, exclusive opinion content, support our growth and be amongst the earliest adopters of our independent journalism model.

Companies (all sizes)

Enterprise $1,000/yr

License Unlimited cut-and-paste and reprint rights; private newsfeed for company rebroadcast, print to PDF, and exclusive opinion content. The best way a company can support Endpoints News. One license covers every employee no matter how large or small the firm.

For over a year now, co-founder John Carroll and I have been building a business news company on an open model because we believe the news ought to be free, accessible, and easily discoverable by the right audiences. Our job is to create a newsfeed which biopharma readers seek out and willingly return to.

We think 60% of you will not, under any circumstance, pay for content. And that’s no problem. We welcome you, and nothing much will change.

Free subscribers will continue getting full-fidelity Early Edition and Feature Edition daily email newsletters, plus up to four sponsored emails per month, and enjoy one-click registration access to special reports and deep dives. This is all supported by email marketing campaigns from sponsors who partner with us directly to show you relevant campaigns.

For companies and individuals who want to support our work, or could use the new benefits we’re introducing today, the Insider and Enterprise plans are for you.

Do I/we need a subscription? 

(1) Do you cut-and-paste liberally, beyond fair use, from our website and share content with colleagues or with clients?

(2) Do you forward our emails or articles to a company-wide distribution?

If the answer is yes to either, you need an Enterprise Plan license.

The plan is made for nearly all business purposes and intents. If you work in PR, media monitoring, or advertising, and we report on your clients, chances are you might want to legally use our content to present it in your own format or medium. This plan is for you.

If we buy an Enterprise Plan, does that mean everyone in my company is covered?

Yes. Everyone in your company is covered if just one person is the holder of a current Enterprise subscription. If you work at Merck or Lemonade Stand Biotech, the price is the same.

Does the Enterprise plan include everything the Insider has?

No. The Insider plan includes the ad-free experience. Enterprise plans only include it for the account holder, but that benefit does not extend to the entire company.

Why are you doing subscriptions? Isn’t the sponsored content business decent?

Top-class brands like Catalent, PPD, Bracket, inVentiv Health Consulting, and more, all got on the ground floor and partnered with us on smart, high-impact campaigns for their brands in our first year. You will be seeing a lot more of that in the years to come because it’s a crucial piece of our future.

Arsalan Arif

But the truth is, nobody can tell the future of the news business, so like any good enterprise, we’re diversifying our revenue. And for us, there can be no better revenue than the kind we get directly from our audience. Our goal is to be around for a while. Nothing is more important to our future than this program.

We have a few non-negotiables. Sharp writing, consistency, answerable only to readers, reliably delivered, presented cleanly — with full fidelity in email and on the web. No technical limitations placed on readers. These are our principles.

And all of those ideals cost real money. We’re aware of the marginal cost of creating content online today. It’s painfully and absolutely zero. But we think good content and ideas will win, but not without the direct support of our readers.

We’re going to keep working for it every day. We hope you join us.

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