The Endpoints 100: Biotech execs stampede into 2018 with a cheer for the FDA and bullish feelings on public markets, private investors and a ‘hot’ M&A future

Biotech executives are pumped about 2018.

In our ongoing survey of the Endpoints 100 — a list dominated by the chiefs of a range of small, medium and large biotechs — these execs voiced a near-unanimous cheer for Scott Gottlieb and the job he’s doing at the FDA, where most see real, fast progress in speeding and improving the drug review process, with even more to come in the year ahead.

There’s a sense that the debate over drug prices is here to stay, with a solid majority looking for the issue to grow even more intense in 2018.

The vast majority of these companies plan to add to their staffs in the coming 12 months, as venture investing remains either good or excellent.

The public markets are viewed even somewhat better than earlier checks — though we took this survey as US markets experienced their worst week in two years.

And after a long cool spell on the M&A front, a big majority are looking for the M&A front to run hot, with valuations high to medium.

I’ll get into much more detail with what execs are saying below, but that’s the quick read on the buoyant sentiment that underscores the industry at the beginning of this second year of the Endpoints 100 survey. We’re also offering a look at how some of these issues on access to capital and public markets have trended since we launched the first survey back in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Altogether a record 91 biotech execs completed the survey by the deadline. Our thanks to all of them, because the survey depends on the data, and no industry can understand that better than biotech. — John Carroll

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