The Sanofi/Trans­late team hits the green light on an ear­ly-stage study for their mR­NA Covid-19 vac­cine af­ter see­ing it work in an­i­mals

Sanofi and their mR­NA vac­cine part­ners at Trans­late Bio say they got the pre­clin­i­cal an­i­mal da­ta on the Covid-19 an­ti­bod­ies they were look­ing for, beat­ing out con­va­les­cent serum. And that clears the way to a Phase I/II launch be­fore the end of this year.

The part­ners are well be­hind the lead mR­NA vac­cines from Pfiz­er/BioN­Tech and Mod­er­na, both still in the run­ning to of­fer piv­otal da­ta in the next weeks. But Sanofi is pur­su­ing a va­ri­ety of ap­proach­es to Covid-19, in­clud­ing an al­liance with GSK on a more tra­di­tion­al ap­proach to vac­cine de­vel­op­ment.

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