How re­searchers can get a han­dle on the mon­key short­age for tox stud­ies: FDA ex­plains

The FDA on Fri­day re­leased a new guid­ance to help re­searchers deal with the Covid-re­lat­ed chal­lenges of mon­key short­ages avail­able for con­duct­ing non­clin­i­cal tox stud­ies, which has been an on­go­ing is­sue with few signs of a res­o­lu­tion.

Each of the hun­dreds of Covid-fo­cused drugs and vac­cines look­ing to come to mar­ket must un­der­go tox stud­ies, typ­i­cal­ly in mon­keys, pri­or to hu­man tri­als. But this short­age in mon­keys for the re­search hasn’t just been an in­crease in de­mand, as the At­lantic ex­plained. Chi­na cut off sup­plies dur­ing the pan­dem­ic, and there’s been a long­stand­ing short­age, even pri­or to the pan­dem­ic.

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